The Institute

The aim of the Institute is to support research. The Institute achieves its goals by:
  1. Basic and industrial research, experimental developmental work and adapting their results to implementing in practice;
  2. Spreading the reaserch and development results, and spreading these results through educational activity, publishing or technology transfer;
  3. Improving methods of research and development;
  4. Additional activity, especially in training, scientific, technological, economic information, invention and security of industrial and intelectual property;
  5. Producing analyses and evaluation of the condition and development of particular science and technology domains, and ideas of using worldwide achievements in science and technology in our country.
  6. Initiating, organizing, implementing and funding of undertakings, projects and programmes in research and development which can provide knowledge about modern technologies and methodologies of introducing innovative products into the market;
  7. Offering and founding scholarships supporting science, technology, culture and education;
  8. Cooperation with institutions that conduct scientific and technical activity in Poland and abroad;
  9. Conducting business activity, and all profits will be reinvested in research, spreading its results and teaching;
  10. Other activities that achieve statutory goals.