Technology transfer

Being aware of the issues conected with transfer and commercialization of technology, we make every effort so that our actions become the firm bridge between the world of science and the world of business. The process of technology transfer consists of structured and comprehensive actions:
  • establishing working contact with a company and carrying out technological audit;
  • recognition of technology (range of research) fulfilling the company expectations;
  • supplying with the proper partners to achieving the goals of the technology transfer (a research program);
  • providing proper advice on the different aspects of technology transfer process (of a research program);
  • helping in negotiating technology transfer agreement (research cooperation).
These commercial activities in the field of technology transfer are consistent with the statutory mission of the Institute, including in particular:
  • cooperation with filmmakers, film schools, TV stations, producers of film equipment and R&D institutions in Poland and abroad;
  • 3D/4K/1000 fps technology popularization;
  • support and popularization of DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) standards;
  • support for filmchools and independent filmmakers.
Our offer includes CinemaVision products for research and development.