Technology of creating historical film with the emotional impact and great benefits of information and education made in 3D technology (T3D)

Technology of making films in 3D with the emotional impact and great benefits of information, considering their attractiveness and effectiveness, enables developing the innovative methods of their preproduction, production and postproduction.

Industrial research conducted for choosing the best solutions for making 3D movies, arousing emotions and effectively providing viewers with the historical content and advert content, transmitted by the planned interfaces and channels of distribution, will be integrated with developing, in automating filmmaking.

The project will provide development of the new process of making historical films and informative and ad films inspired by history.

In the frames of the project there will be created an innovative offer of 3D film services, based on Polish know-how and competitive in Europe.

The project gained the positive assessment, exceeding the minimum threshold. Unfortunately, because of the significant number of the competitive projects, it was not subsidized.

The consortium members: Stipendium, Isyrius and FINN are working on the chosen research problems financing this work from their own budget. Live history, reenacted by actors and reenactors is the part of research and development in ROS3D-project.

Scientific consortium