Smart controller with a modular sensor and a smart energy efficiency controller industrial and business processes

The subject of the project is to conduct development works and tests in real conditions of a SMART CONTROLLER with a MODULAR SENSOR and a SMART ENERGY EFFICIENCY CONTROLLER of INDUSTRIAL AND BUSINESS PROCESSES. They all together create a universal, adaptive and predictive ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM responding to the demand of the exigent market of control systems for INDUSTRY 4.0.

The goal of the project will be achieved when the Applicant obtains the effect of product innovation, and the new, at least on the scale of the Polish and foreign markets, inspector and controller will become the basic elements of commercial product and service of METERNET. METERNET offer has many clients in various industries for many years.

A controller with a multi-parametric sensor as well as adaptive and predictive algorithms, will ensure: comprehensive parameter measurement, local control productivity as well as versatility and reliability of estimated energy efficiency parameters.

An important task will be development of purchased know-how in the form of "Intelligent environment, distributed control systems in business and industry IRS" from a project co-financed by the NCBR.
By integrating business and industrial control, IRS will provide a short time of introduction changes to the modified system, as well as the flexibility of expert services package for design and implementation of dedicated EnMS systems.

The Applicant will achieve the business objective by gaining a competitive advantage, thanks to the features of the new process model, inspector and controller, ensuring:
- automation of energy efficiency control process,
- interoperability, including support for the following protocols: OPC UA, ISO / IEC8482, ModBus RTU / TCP, MQTT, LoRaWAN enabling cooperation with many devices from different manufacturers,
- autonomy guaranteeing Meternet-EnMS system full functionality without external server infrastructure or services operating in the cloud.