Equipment and software automating 3D image recording (RIG)

Institute of Science and Technology Stipendium cooperated with Lodz University of Technology on a project, which aim is to conduct industrial research of 3D image analysis methods, integrated with developmental work in the range of film equipment and algorithms and IT tools automatizing 3D image recording. The research and development will prove correctness of assumptions of creating new products thanks to tests conducted in real conditions.

In the frames of the project there will be created a competitive system of automatizing 3D image recording and filmmaking, based on Polish know-how. It will be an answer to the demand of dynamically growing market of films for cinemas, 5D/6D simulators and computer games.

There is a high probability, that the applicant successfully commercializes the project's results, due to gaining high quality of the new system and comprehensiveness of cinematography services (based on requirements of the innovative process), supported by the advanced advisory and technical services.

Starting the project

The project has been co-funded in the frames of Innotech's Hi-Tech programme path Innotech organized by The National Centre For Research and Development.

RIG has been co-funded with almost 1,0 million zloty.

The project's cost, considering enterpreneur's contribution, is over 2,9 million zloty.

The results of the undertaking were announced on 15. January 2014. The undertaking was the 14th out of 46 chosen projects, among 140 projects that gained the positive formal assessment.

The project will be started on 1. April 2014 and according to the schedule will be completed on 31. December 2015.