A Teaching Machine (MU)

The aim of the project is research of all processes leading to the effective use of the Teaching Machine’s abilities, with high technology 7D, in entertainment and education, applying utility programs and highly innovative technical solutions.

7D stands for the screening of 3D stereoscopic films, with moving seats and effects affecting all the human senses: smell, hearing, touch and warmth reception.

The representative target groups will be subjected to approved research methodology. The industrial research, conducted cooperatively by the enterpreneurs and scientific units, will provide the applicant with new knowledge and skills, to develop new products, processes and services, and to introduce the significant improvements to the existent solutions.

The execution of the project will let the applicant introduce innovative solutions, based on the Polish know-how to his offer and provide with differential advantage on the Polish and European market.

The project gained the positive assessment, both formal and technical. Unfortunately, because of the significant number of the competitive projects, it was not subsidized.

Scientific consortium