Biopharmacological research and automating of measurements and tests of industrial mushroom growing (BBG)

The aim of the project is to develop a technology of industrial growing mushrooms with nutritional and pharmacological properties and to indicate the IT and electronic methods of measurement and of collecting datas of environmental parameters, for creating a model of industrial mushrooms growing.

The approved research methodology will validate usefulness of mushrooms grown in Poland for pharmacological usage, as dietary supplements or food additive.

Research and development conducted cooperatively with the scientific units, will provide the enterpreneurs with goods which will be at least nationally competitive.

Thanks to preparatory works for implementation and developing the innovative process of cultivation and promotion, the applicant will introduce to the market a new competitive technology of producing a pharmacological material, based on Polish know-how.

The project gained the positive assessment, both formal and technical. Unfortunately, because of the significant number of the competitive projects, it was not subsidized.

Scientific consortium