A footage analysis, estimation and conversion system (AOK)

Institute of Science and Technology Stipendium in consortium with Lodz University of Technology and FINN Company Ltd. Submitted application for co-financing of the project, in which the planned industrial research of the methods of analysis, estimate of the reception methods and 2D to 3D conversion methods will enable the creations of the new IT and electionic system of quality and picture and sound attractiveness valuation.

The system, on the basis of analysis of a footage and a rough cut results, will automate the expensive and time-consuming work in post-production.

Applications will indicate the effects and solutions proper for clients' taste, and where in footage 2D to 3D conversion is required.

The project is based on the Polish know-how. Probability of project's results commercialisation is high. It is the result of versatility of a new product's use for analysis, valuation and conversion of films of different genres, competitiveness in Europe and right response to the demand of the prospering market of the stereoscopy 3D in 4K resolution.

Scientific cooperation:
  • scientific staff of Department of Biomedical Physics, University of Warsaw
  • scientific staff of University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Technical cooperation: