3D/4K/1000 fps Lab Technology

Institute owns and has at it's disposal research equipment and technical infrastructure to carry out assigned tasks or joint projects, including:
  • basic, applied, industrial and pre-competitive research
  • development work,
  • prototypes.
Considering the increase of institutional competitiveness in dynamically changing external and internal factors of environment, we focus on continuous development, undertaking the following actions:
  • basic research for gaining new knowledge about phenomena and facts, unfocused on direct use in practice;
  • applied research for gaining new knowledge focused on use in practice;
  • industrial research (planned) aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge which can be useful for developing new products, processes or services or for bringing about a significant improvement in existing products, processes or services;
  • pre-competitive research including transformation of industrial research findings into projects of new, modified products, with prototypes of no business venture;
  • development work based on current knowledge, aimed at the introduction of new materials, products, services to the industrial practice;
  • prototype designing, construction and testing.
Research & Development works are aimed at the introduction of prepared technological/technical solution or prototype to the industrial practice.

We cooperate in multiple projects developing CinemaVision products.